Monthly Newsletter

Seafood Free September – Rethinking our Relationship with Seafood

As part of the ongoing campaign, the SFS monthly newsletters are published on the 28th day of each month throughout the year and represent our continued commitment to inform our global Ocean Community on the impacts of fishing on the marine environment, particularly cetaceans, as well as flag important milestones and dates in the annual campaign launch.

We will bring you the latest news, current research and information on sustainable seafood, marine protected areas and the impacts of fishing on cetaceans, as well as profiles on the individuals and organisations working to protect the ocean, cetaceans and marine life, to ensure a sustainable, equitable and responsible fishing industry, for all marine stakeholders.

We will continue to track the progress of the marine protected area established in Palau, the case study behind the Seafood Free September marine conservation initiative. We review the potential for this MPA to act as a blueprint for global marine protected area management, with emphasis on Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in cetacean conservation.

Each month we will bring you four news items from the following categories:

News – we bring you the latest in CETACEAN CONSERVATION

Research / Policy – we discuss a scientific paper or government document in a LITERATURE REVIEW

Recommended Reading – to assist in knowledge development and improved understanding of important issues around seafood consumption and sustainability in our BOOK CLUB

Organisations / Individuals – the OCEAN ANGELS who are devoting their time, knowledge and expertise to undertake scientific research and policy development in marine conservation

Information – on the best products and places to source SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD

Tools – to help scientists and policy makers develop management plans and track progress on MARINE PROTECTED AREAS

Case Study – our SPOTLIGHT ON PALAU keeps you informed on the progress of the marine protected area that inspired the Seafood Free September campaign

We look forward to bringing you the latest news on sustainable seafood, marine protected areas and cetacean science each month. Please share your ideas, thoughts or questions in the Comments section below each post, or via our social media platforms.